"Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting to be perceived" -Bullock

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Hi! My name is Erica and I am a photographer from Boston who loves taking pictures of weddings, kids, families, you name it. This blog is a great place to keep up on what I have been up to, from my latest shoots, to my random adventures. I want to thank all the people that support my dreams and help them come true. Thank you to all of the couples who have included me in their special day. I have been so lucky to have the coolest clients on the planet, and couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much for visiting!


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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Need a little help!

    Okay, so I am in the process of setting up my studio, and I bought most of the furniture, and have all the lighting set up, but now my biggest problem, picking my favorite pictures to display!! I figure I will turn to you guys for advice. Please shoot me an email or a comment if you have one in mind. Thank you SO much in advance!

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    1. You take risks, sister! You are an enormously talented photographer.

      What should you print? It's too difficult to decide - there are simply too many amazing photographs. You are wonderful!


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