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Hi! My name is Erica and I am a photographer from Boston who loves taking pictures of weddings, kids, families, you name it. This blog is a great place to keep up on what I have been up to, from my latest shoots, to my random adventures. I want to thank all the people that support my dreams and help them come true. Thank you to all of the couples who have included me in their special day. I have been so lucky to have the coolest clients on the planet, and couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much for visiting!


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    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    ever after | maggie & tom

    Maggie & Tom are one of the cutest, funnest couples I have ever photographed. With on again/off again rain, Maggie just went with it and wore her blue rainboots with pride. It was SO adorable. Getting a straight face from the two of them wasn't easy, because they were jokes and smiles all day. Even my cheeks hurt by the end of the night from smiling!!

    loooove this one:
    Yup, this settles it. I need me some rainboots!
    Love this staircase:
    Tom's so serious(oh wait)....
    The guestbook was awesome. Everyone had to draw a picture and answer a few questions for the couple. These are my two favorite sketches:

    Maggie, you're gorgeous.
    A few details. Couldn't get over the cake. It was so different!

    Instead of stopping him from hanging on the pole that keeps the tent up, I took a picture first :)
    Can't remember what they were dancing to, but this shot cracks me up!
    My favorite:


    1. Such a cute couple Erica! Love, love, love the shot against the brick columns! Gorgeous!

    2. Erica, this is such a beautiful series of photos!! Talk about personality :)

    3. Ha ha, I just had a bride who wore rubber rainboots, and a couple weeks before that, groomsmen in Converse! Too funny. These photos are stunning, as usual. I especially love the dress design detail shot (so clever) and the shot where the groom is twirling his bride--the look on her face is priceless!


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