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Hi! My name is Erica and I am a photographer from Boston who loves taking pictures of weddings, kids, families, you name it. This blog is a great place to keep up on what I have been up to, from my latest shoots, to my random adventures. I want to thank all the people that support my dreams and help them come true. Thank you to all of the couples who have included me in their special day. I have been so lucky to have the coolest clients on the planet, and couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much for visiting!


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    Friday, July 31, 2009

    ever after: Jade & Tom

    I was head over heels in love with absolutely EVERYTHING from this Quechee, Vermont wedding. Let me show you by clicking on their wedding album: www.ericaferrone.com/jadetom

    Are you KIDDING me Jade? Could you have been a more perfect bride?

    These bridesmaids dresses are my favorite. Yes, i went there...
    Candy bar! You know what that means, one happy photographer ;)
    I just couldn't take enough pictures of their original details
    loving this tie picture!

    Harper dressed up for the occasion ;)

    Rock Stars

    Okay, so I am obsessive about ring shots. Ask any assistant of mine. It's kind of my thing :) So I couldn't decide on my favorite and since its my blog, here are my favorite three:

    I never usually post dancing shots, but how can I leave this one out?

    A few behind the scenes of Savannah and I:

    Okay I am having a multiple personality disorder with my logo on my images and I need your help. Do you like the new one or the old and be brutally honest people!!


    1. Jennifer SchuellerJuly 31, 2009 at 6:07 PM

      You are amazing! This wedding was absolutely gorgeous!

      Oh, and I love your new logo. It is timeless and elegant and it looks great against wedding photos!

    2. Wow

      I love your photos!


    3. OMG! I'm in luv with everything about this wedding too...and of course your photos of it! What amazing shots Erica. All your sepias are gorgeous and my fav is the table shot where Jade's head is on Tom's shoulder. Just a PERFECT image!

    4. All of these shots are absolutely perfect. Thank you for capturing my sisters beauty; she makes it look so easy. Nicole Summa

    5. Awesome job! I love the first shot. Oh yeah, old logo. Definitely.

    6. Wow. The yellow shoe shot, the ties, the rings....and the head on shoulder yellow lantern shot. Amazing!

    7. So beautiful! And I'm not just saying that because the wedding was in VT ;) OLD logo, for sure!!

    8. The new logo. Way classy!

    9. gorgeous couple and i gotta say erica you rocked this one! really lovin the details too!

      as far as the logo. i like them both. i think chose what is more you.

    10. Hey Erica - I liek the script logo better then the typed print. But depends on what style you're trying to go for. Either way your photos speak for themselves! Amazing!

    11. what a gorgeous wedding with amazing details! love the color and fun that pop out of these images! beautiful!!!


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