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Hi! My name is Erica and I am a photographer from Boston who loves taking pictures of weddings, kids, families, you name it. This blog is a great place to keep up on what I have been up to, from my latest shoots, to my random adventures. I want to thank all the people that support my dreams and help them come true. Thank you to all of the couples who have included me in their special day. I have been so lucky to have the coolest clients on the planet, and couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much for visiting!


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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Ever After | Beth and Jim

    I am so happy to announce that my cousin Beth married her soulmate Jim on March 20, 2010 and I had the amazing task of capturing the moments of their special day!

    First glance :)

    Yup. Nothing better than my cousin's smile. The next couple of shots prove it :)
    Jim, you are awesome. I couldn't have picked anyone better for betches and my family became better with you in it.

    Here's a little something different that I will start doing. Here is a look back at the wedding from Beth and Jim:

    What is your favorite memory from you wedding:
    Beth: It is actually really hard to pick one favorite moment because the whole experience from the wedding was just amazing. If I had to choose one moment in particular, I would have to say the wedding ceremony, as that was very special to me to marry Jim in front of our closest family and friends.

    Jim: My favorite was Beth walking down the aisle

    What was the funniest moment from your wedding?
    Looking up from talking with some of my friends to see Jim completely bust a move on the dance floor - he really was having a great time for himself and it was hilarious to watch!

    Advice for future bride and grooms?
    This is common advice but mine would be: don't sweat the small stuff - some of the little details don't really matter and if a few things are off about the wedding, nobody will even know. Just have fun and enjoy your day!

    Favorite purchase?
    The table runners I purchased from a bride on weddingbee classifieds. They helped add some color to the tables and I was really happy with how they looked.


    1. What a warm,wonderful and loving wedding and the pictures were beautiful. You captured EVERYTHING! Its amazing that you could take so many pictures, edit them and still find time to sleep and work. Plus they are GORGEOUS. Paula

    2. The first glance picture is darling - you can tell how excited and nervous they are. My fave pic is the one of them in the vineyard. Stunning!

    3. MARVELOUS pictures, Erica! We especially love the ones you captured against the blue sky & sunset of an unusually lovely lst day of spring in New Hampshire. Saying "Thank you" seems inadequate to you & Kim for preserving such beautiful memories for our family.
      Love, Aunt Pat & Uncle Scott

    4. Love the light in the first vineyard shot. And the one on the left of Beth dancing with her dad. Congrats on another lovely Ford sister's wedding!


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