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    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Create your own wedding website

    Every now and then, I come across awesome wedding ideas that I want to share with you. Yesterday, I found a company that offers free wedding websites for you to stay organized and keep you guests in the loop. Here is the site: www.ewedding.com

    Also, here is an article with a few more details about how cool it is to have one:

    Keeping your friends, family and wedding party in the loop of your upcoming wedding can be very time consuming and burdensome. But not anymore. Having your own Personal Wedding Website will take care of all that, plus much more.

    Having a professional wedding site is a great way to share all the news and events on your upcoming wedding. You can post the date, location, time and directions to your Stag, Shower, Rehearsal and other events. You can post your Registry and add items to a personal Wish List, list local attractions for friends and family that are visiting and collect best wishes with your Guest Book.

    Getting the word out about your site is as easy as including your web address on your invitations. We have seen many invitations with 'For more information, and directions, please visit www.your-wedding.com.' This way, everyone invited to your wedding, including those who can't make it, can go to your wedding website to get up to date information. You can edit any of the information on your site, even the style, to keep it updated and reflect any changes you have made. Another great benefit of a web address is the ability to put it on wedding favors, wedding bulletins or for posting at the reception. This way people will come back to see your wonderful wedding day photos.

    Keeping track of those coming to your wedding has never been easier either. Offering online RSVP is one of the most popular features of a wedding website. It saves you time and money, no extra envelopes or stamps required, and long waits for getting back the RSVP's in the mail. Just put a simple link to your site in the invitation and your friends can RSVP at your website and you will be sent a message right away. Your site will also keep the RSVP's in memory so you can manage your list and know who you didn't hear back from yet.

    The above features, along with many more, will really make planning a wedding, and sharing it with friends and family around the world, a pleasurable experience. A Personal Wedding Website, let everyone share the joy of your big day.

    Article Courtesy of ewedding.com

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